Alpha Marathon’s unique low profile design horizontal film oscillator provides superior stability across the face of the web, minimising web wander and eliminating wrinkle problems inherent in many designs.
The low profile design is ideal when dealing with tower height issues as well as retrofit applications where space may be limited.
The "ezy float" system provides a cushion of air for the film to travel over making the HFO ideal where tackier film applications and thin film applications may have been problematic.

Features & Benefits

  • Reinforced turning bars to prevent turning bar deflections.
  • Open center design and idler rolls minimizes web wandering problems
  • Low profile design with high stability
  • Zero backlash driven support rings, alignment holes in each ring provide precise positional relationships between idler rolls and turning bars.
  • Push button controls let you change thread up mode, reverse direction and change the oscillation period to match your process. All controls can be wired for remote operation.
  • Float equalization air distribution system to maintain uniform film float throughout the oscillating process.
  • Low maintenance
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