Alpha Marathon’s line of high performance air rings are designed to provide a low pressure/high volume air flow to increase cooling efficiency and bubble stability to the film.

Single and dual lips set designs are available for both conventional and high stalk blown film applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable lip design adjusts air flow ratio between inner and outer lip to “lock in” the bubble
  • Precision machined from cast aluminum materials
  • Temperature and pressure gauge
  • Low pressure design plenum
  • Air ring design can accommodate interchangeable lip set sizes within specified range
  • Rotating plenums
  • Ease of operation/operator friendly
M-Series Air Rings

M-Series air rings provide a laminar air flow to the bubble to increase cooling efficiency and bubble stability.
Air flow adjustments to the exit lips are precise and easy to use allowing the operator the ability to lock in the bubble.
Multiple adjustments allow for individual fine tuning of the inner, outer and supplementary lip

Abacus Automated Air Ring with Alpha Touch Software

The Abacus Automated Air Ring optimizes the quality of film by minimizing thickness deviations across the web. The patented Alpha Touch software links the film thickness sensor to air flow actuators. Multiple actuators are positioned around the bubble to adjust the air flow and mitigate web deviations. The Alpha Touch software provides converters additional flexibility with the ability to store multiple recipes for different product runs.


Alpha Cool stackable air ring system drastically improves extrusion throughput rates by increasing the cooling ability on the bubble through the use of two air rings.
One air ring is positioned conventionally on the die while the second air ring can be heightened or lowered to accommodate changing blow up ratios while maximising production rates.
A drastic increase in both cooling efficiency and bubble stability can be realised.

Brochure download (ABACUS AIR RING)
Brochure download (M-SERIES AIR RING)
Brochure download (ALPHA COOOL AIR RING)
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